BL Computers Services


BL Computers provide a wide range of services to home and office users.

We will visit you on site for the following:

Computer hardware and software installations and troubleshooting

Whatever computer problems you’re experiencing, whether hardware or software related, we can fix it. Our highly skilled technicians specialise in all type of hardware and software installations, and make configurations to suit your needs.

Custom built computer service

Anywhere in Hobart, our consultants and technicians will help you choose a system that is perfect for your usage. Often people spend more money than they need to because a salesperson has pointed them in the wrong direction. At BL Computers, our computer service stands out because we pride ourselves on getting to know our customers’ needs and building solutions to suit them.

Internet installations and advice

We can advise you on which broadband or NBN plan would suit your usage, to make sure you are not paying too much for your internet service. Our internet installation is a straightforward process - we will set it all up for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything except getting online and doing what you need to. Easy!

Wired and wireless network installations and advice

We can get your new home or business network functioning better and faster by optimising the way things are connected and performing an internal clean up on your computer. Whether wired or wireless, our network installation is quick and effective.

Data backup and recovery

Never lose data again! We have backup solutions to suit any home or business requirement. Our solutions will ensure that your vital information will still be safe, should the worst happen.

Computer and network IT security services

60% of computers in Australia today do not have adequate security. We have solutions for any type of computer or network to make sure your system is protected at all times from the malware and viruses. IT security services are completely essential - ask us more.

IT training

We can help you learn about your computer hardware or software. We also offer training on any new purchase you make for your computer, from your monitor to your HD video cam.

We have partnered with some of the best vendors and suppliers in the industry to be able to provide you with the best hardware and software on the market today. So do yourself a favour, call us today and get the help you have always wanted.

Why would you choose us as your IT solution provider?

  • No fix, no charge policy.
  • Friendly, highly knowledgeable staff - all questions answered.
  • We’ll take care of everything from the first installation to IT support - all your needs from one expert.
  • Professional quality advice on the best way to use and care for your systems
  • Obligation-free quotes - get yours now.
  • Over 65? You’ll get a 10% discount.


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